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News and Featured Articles of 2023

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Elevate Your Sleep Sanctuary with The Latest Trends

01 Dec 2023

Get ready to discover all these trends and more in our largest ever collection of bedroom furniture during the exhibition this coming March 1-4.

The Evolution of Modern Workplaces

03 Nov 2023

Plan your visit to MIFF OFFICE during MIFF 2024, 1-4 March to explore the diverse collection of office furniture

MIFF 2023 Raises the Bar Once Again

28 Apr 2023

MIFF 2023 Makes Spectacular Recovery with Record US$1.21 Billion Sales Post Pandemic

A Post-Pandemic Office Furniture Extravaganza

17 Feb 2023

If you’re coming to MIFF 2023 to discover the latest in office furniture, you’re in luck.

An xOrdinary Unification of Furniture and Lifestyle

17 Feb 2023

Back by popular demand, the xOrdinary Showcase returns to feature cutting-edge artistic furniture an

Furniture China Comes to Malaysia

17 Feb 2023

For those of you that have been missing this event, don’t worry – they are coming to Kuala Lumpur!

Global Flavours at the International Hall

17 Feb 2023

Attention all buyers looking to source furniture from all around Asia – we’ve got great news for you.

The Many Wonders of Malaysian Furniture

17 Feb 2023

As a landmark event for the Malaysian industry, MIFF 2023 is pleased to once again give Malaysian manufacturers and designers the spotlight.

Malaysian Furniture Sector Poised for Robust 2023 and Beyond

19 Jan 2023

The local industry is on a strong trajectory of growth – and it looks set to continue for growth.

News and Featured Articles of 2022

Discover all of our 2022 news and articles here

Global Furniture Buyers are In Love with MIFF, Here’s Why

21 Nov 2022

Why the global buyers think of the world of MIFF and what inspires them to return each year

Get Exclusive Deals When You Travel to MIFF 2022

02 Jun 2022

MIFF 2022’s Official Airline Partner is offering special rates when you fly with them to MIFF 2022.

Malaysia Border Reopens From 1 April 2022

21 Mar 2022

Malaysia Welcomes International Travellers Starting 1st April 2022

The Most Happening Gathering Ground for Global Furniture Buyers

22 Mar 2023

MIFF 2022 is now open for visitor registration

News and Featured Articles of 2021

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March 2021 Asia Furniture Buying Season Remain Strong As Ever

21 Apr 2021

The great success of MIFF Furniverse 2021

News and Featured Articles of 2020

Discover all of our 2020 news and articles here

Luxury Sleep: One Stop Solutions for World-Class Mattresses

29 June 2020

Makers of Quality Mattresses in Malaysia for the World

Sern Kou: High-Quality Products with Zero-Reject Production Rates

29 June 2020

Sern Kou is proud to be known worldwide for providing best quality

MIFF FDC 2021 Theme: Design for the New Normal

05 June 2020

MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2021 Theme